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You Don’t Pay Unless You Win

A contingency fee is a fee that is only paid should your attorney win your case. This allows you to go after legal compensation without having to worry about paying upfront for proper representation. Under this plan the attorney will take a percentage of the settlement that you accept from the insurance company or are awarded by the court as payment. All legal consultations, meetings, and investigations will take place without any money coming out of your pocket. This will allow you to focus on getting well after your accident while we handle the rest.

Once a contingency fee agreement is made with your attorney, the lawyer will cover all the costs of your lawsuit. These costs include filing, arranging for payment of depositions, and paying for copies of health and medical records.

Taking a case on contingency also helps to ensure that the lawyer is working as hard as possible to win your case. Your lawyer will be motivated by the fact that if they do not win they will not receive payment for their efforts. When an attorney agrees to take on your case it also means they feel your case has merit, and that they are capable of winning it for you. Ultimately, your motorcycle accident lawyer is trying to ensure that you are covered for all mental and physical damages incurred in your accident and they are highly motivated to ensure that happens as it benefits both parties.